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The company YAËL ZARCA - Collection is born because the oriental dance teacher Yaël Zarca didn't find a satisfactory training sets, both for teaching and to recommend to her students. The long skirts often worn in traditional dance classes do not show clearly the movements of the legs and it's difficult to correct the students. Sequined scarves quickly become a nightmare because of the noise they generate and they loose coins for each session. Beaded scarves over leggings or pants are a good solution, but offers little opportunity for renewal. The few tailored outfits on the market, they are limited in terms of form and color.

Yaël has become accustomed to invent pants sets from different elements borrowed from other dances held and the world of fashion, and to orientalized them. All her outfits had the same criteria: comfortable sets, very feminine, benefiting the silhouette, amplifying the movements of the pelvis and hips, graceful arabesques and during arm movements.
It is therefore this concept and this spirit that guided the choice of models by Yaël Zarca - Collection. Some sets are creations, others are blends, others are held elsewhere but we have completed them or that the measures were adapted to European sizes. The different elements come mainly from France, Egypt and Asia. We focused stretch fabrics guarantee good freedom of movement, soft, lightweight, comfortable to wear.
As a tribute to artists who have given their pedigree to belly dance now, we gave our first collection of models first names of famous dancers: Samia, Dandesh, Mona, Zoheir, Dina, Randa, Nagwa, etc..

Just like belly dancing, which can be practiced by all women, we wanted to create a collection accessible to as many people: for example, most women will find in our collection a model that suits them, regardless of skin color and hair, body size, morphology ... if they are modest and uninhibited, if they want to hide or highlight their buttocks, hips or increase their refining their size, if they want to show their chest or on the contrary they want to cover their shoulders and hide up their arms, etc..
Some models are available in Queen Size (sizes 44-48), depending on demand, we can then propose further. Although the cost is higher, we have tried to offer them the same price or near that standard sizes, so as not to penalize women round.
The models are limited number of copies, and some will be followed, others will be replaced by new models, selected based on current trends, but especially to your tastes and comments.
Thus, we hope that we will have achieved our aim of offering students and their oriental dance teachers held classes in which they feel both beautiful women fully and completely at ease.

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